Bright from the Start

Bright from the Start

About Us

Come meet new friends and learn through multisensory play in a trilingual environment at Victoria Playpark! Victoria Playpark is a professional early childhood development centre, which offers unique infant and toddler playgroup programmes for children aged 8-36 months.


A member of the Victoria Educational Organisation, Victoria Playpark offers interactive, trilingual and multisensory curriculum tailored to promote the holistic development of infants and toddlers and ensure their smooth transition to pre-nursery instruction. Victoria Playpark’s programmes are designed to at once stimulate children’s curiosity about the world and establish a lifelong love of learning. Victoria Playpark is a learning enrichment center, offering parenting seminars, workshops and classes, as well as special family-centered activities on Sundays and public holidays.


Our top-tier infant and toddler playgroup programmes draw on both world-class research and our leadership team’s years of proven experience in early childhood education.


Victoria Playpark’s qualified early childhood development team is trained to foster the best possible learning environment for infants and toddlers to inquire and discover new possibilities. We work together with parents to create a warm, supportive community built on mutual respect and kindness.