Bright from the Start

Bright from the Start

Frequently Asked Questions

Infant & Toddler Playgroup Programmes


Children of what age can attend Victoria Playpark?
Children aged 8-36 months.


How do I enrol my child?
Please click “Enrol Now” to complete an online application form.


What is the average playgroup class size?
Ten children per class.


Are Victoria Playpark teachers qualified professionals?
All of our teachers are native, qualified and experienced early childhood educators.


Do parents need to accompany their children?
Every child must be accompanied by one adult.


What does Victoria Playpark offer?
We offer interactive, trilingual, multisensory curriculum and parenting workshops to support the holistic development of infants and toddlers and their smooth transition to pre-nursery instruction.


What is the infant and toddler playgroup programme schedule?
Infant classes (8-12 months), 1 day a week, 75 mins per session
Toddler classes (13-24 months), 2-3 days a week, 90 mins per session
Big Kid classes (25-36 months), 3 days a week, 90 mins per session
Harcourt House Campus opening hours: 8:45 AM – 5 PM (Monday to Saturday)
K11 MUSEA Campus opening hours:  9:00 AM – 5:30 PM (Monday to Saturday),
10:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Sundays & public holidays)


What are the programme fees?
Infant classes: 75 mins, $600 per session
Toddler classes: 90 mins, $570 per session
Big Kid classes: 90 mins, $570 per session


Will Victoria Playpark students be afforded priority admission to Victoria Educational Organisation (VEO) Pre-Nursery or Kindergartens?
All applicants must follow the same routine admission procedures. We do not guarantee admission into VEO kindergartens.  This said, Victoria Playpark follows the same inquiry-based, trilingual learning philosophy that forms the core of Victoria Educational Organisation. Children enrolled in classes at Victoria Playpark will understand and feel comfortable in a VEO environment.


Is there any difference between Victoria Playpark and Victoria Educational Organisation’s playgroups?
Both Victoria Playpark and VEO playgroups are members of Victoria Educational Organisation and share the same educational mission and philosophy. Our trilingual playgroup programmes are led by highly qualified, professional educators. While all campuses provide a comfortable, engaging and safe environment for children, Victoria Playpark strives to bring children closer to nature. Please refer to the following table for further details about our playgroups.


Can my child transfer to a different Victoria Playpark campus?
If your child is currently enrolled in a VEO playgroup and wishes to transfer to Victoria Playpark, please fill in an online application form. If your child is studying at Victoria Playpark Harcourt House campus, and wishes to transfer to K11 MUSEA campus or vice versa, please call the respective campuses to speak to one of our staff about transferring.




How do I book a PlayTime session at K11 MUSEA Campus?
Please click “Enrol Now” to complete an online booking. You can book a session up to three weeks in advance. We recommend you peruse PlayTime’s terms and conditions prior to booking.


Is PlayTime open to children of all ages?
PlayTime welcomes children aged 1-5 years old.


What is the PlayTime schedule?
PlayTime sessions are held on Sundays and public holidays at K11 MUSEA campus.
Each session lasts an hour and the schedule is as follows:

11:00 – 12:00

12:15 – 13:15

14:15 – 15:15

15:30 – 16:30


How much does a PlayTime session cost?
A single PlayTime ticket costs $280, which covers the entrance of one child and one parent.


Do parents need to accompany their children?
Every child must be accompanied by one parent.


What languages are spoken at PlayTime?
Cantonese supplemented by English and Putonghua.