Bright from the Start

Bright from the Start


“My son enjoyed the music class here the most, which was different from other music class outside. The teacher was passionate, linking up the songs well with good timing to grasp children's attention. The atmosphere was cheerful, and the instruments were suited to children of different ages. (direct translation from Chinese)”

Clara Shing

“The teachers were very passionate and patient. We enjoyed the entire lesson.”

Fion Law

“The sensory play and the centre facilities encouraged children to explore and discover. (direct translation from Chinese)”

Melaine Ma

“The overall experience was enjoyable. Starting with a music class was a good idea to help warm up the children. The following activities in the kitchen were age appropriate for the young learners, that we enjoyed the sensory experience with the colourful spaghetti there. It provided an opportunity for children to practise using their fine motor skills. In addition, the activity enabled children to learn more about table manners. ”

Mel Fu

“There was a good balance among the three languages and the activities were well designed for my kid to try things. The teachers were also very caring and encouraging, which made my kid feel safe and comfortable. ”

Valerie Mao

“The facilities at the centre are top of the line, and the teachers' professionalism and enthusiasm are inspirational for the children. (direct translation from Chinese)”

Dylan Wang

“The VPP activities could definitely improve the communication, language and motor skills of students. The environment is clean and child-friendly. The teachers and teaching assistants are super nice. Thumbs up! ”

Lucia Lau (Mrs Au-Yeung)

“VPP offers a nurturing environment for pre-school kids encountering their first peer group experiences. All activities are age appropriate and strengthen the fundamental early childhood developmental skills. We highly recommend VPP for parents with young children. ”

Mrs. Wong

“My daughter enjoyed her time very much in the playgroup, the classes have been very engaging and with variety of different learning aspects, arts, singing/dancing, sensory plays, stories, physical movements. The teachers are mostly very professional and patient on different kids’ needs and pace, offered experiences and tips on parenting, which I appreciated so much.”

Heidi Chung

“The more Lauren attends class, the quicker she learns and you can tell she becomes more sociable with others gradually. She has a great bonding with the teachers and obviously thanks to teachers’ enthusiasm in guiding my girl along the way. Thank you so much! ”

Mrs Li

“My son has learnt a lot and grows progressively since he joined VPP. The monthly theme definitely helps my son to explore, understand and build the knowledge on each topic. The parenting tips provided by teachers during each class are very useful which facilitates me to teach my son by applying the same excellent VPP learning objectives after class.”

Mrs. Emily Chan

“We are absolutely pleased with the lovely and clean environment of VPP. And my girl has been progressing well in learning because of the the standard of teachers as well as the level of care that they provide. Thank you for making preschool so enjoyable for my girl.”

Mrs. Liu