Bright from the Start

Bright from the Start

Treasure Box

What is so special about our “Treasure Box”?


Our Treasure Box is an educational take-home kit that supports your child to develop their gross and fine motor, language and socio-emotional skills. This box contains four key items: an interactive sound book, a block puzzle, a “Wonder Hat” and card puppets. Each box has a specific theme and offers user-friendly guidelines for parents to help their children engage with different learning experiences.

Our Treasure Box supplies high-quality educational materials that foster whole child development for children aged 1 to 3 years.

  • Our early childhood experts from Victoria Playgroups have selected a range of educational materials that engage the entire family and encourage child centered interactions between parents and children.
  • The materials strive to achieve three essential objectives, namely “I Can Speak”, “I Can Explore”, and “I Can Feel and I Care”, paving the way for whole child development.
  • In addition to a user-friendly guide for parents, we provide a demonstration video to show you how to use the materials.
  • We also provide parenting tips to support both parents and children.
  • You can use the materials in your own time and at your own pace.