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5 Ways of Boosting Back-to-School Immunity, shared by Dr. Philip Sham

Dr. Sham Chak-on Philip, Specialist in Paediatrics at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong shared vital insights on supporting children’s physical, mental and social health at a special EduMakers Voices Parents Seminar held in Victoria Playpark Centre previously:

1. Remind children to wash hands frequently and avoid touching their eyes and nose, to prevent the spread of bacterial infection
2. Get influenza vaccination
3. Avoid smoking to safeguard the health of the entire family
4. Launder bed sheets at 60°C water weekly to eliminate dust mites and other contaminants
5. Boost immune system with vitamin D supplements

Dr. Sham also explained the importance of monitoring children’s emotions, particularly when they feel physically unwell, and always ensure children receive sufficient nutrients and energy for their sound growth and development.

(The opinions expressed by the interviewees do not necessarily reflect the views of the organiser.)

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